pamukkale university medical school public health department



The Department of Public Health at Pamukkale University was first established in 1994. Associate Professor Dr Mehmet Bostanci was the first academic person in the Department. In 1996, the department of Public Health started to offer programs leading to the degrees of master of public health and degrees of Public Health Specialist. The first specialist and masters degrees were awarded in 1998, respectively. Since then there have been 4 masters and 4 Public Health specialists graduated from the Department.

In 1997, Associate Professor Dr Mehmet Zencir, in 2000 Assistant Professor Dr Aysun Ozsahin, in 2003 Associate Professor Dr Ali Ihsan Bozkurt in 2004 Assistant Professor Dr Ahmet Ergin and in 2005 Dr Ozgur Sevinc joined the academic team. The head of department is Associate Professor Dr Ali Ihsan Bozkurt since 2005. Nowadays, 5 medical residents on Public Health Speciality and 3 masters student are working through their degrees.

Due to problem and community based teaching methodology of Pamukkale University Medical School, the Public Health Department gives the biggest support to  the 1st , 2nd , 3rd , and 6th class medical school education.  Currently, besides several locally funded projects, 2 big European Union funded ongoing projects are running by the academic personnel of the Department.

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